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Linglong Brings RIDGE CLIMBER X/T to SEMA SHOW 2023

Linglong Tire, a technology-orientedand innovative tire maker, has demonstrated the company's high-quality products and strong R&D strength in SEMA SHOW for consecutive years. In this year’s SEMA SHOW, Linglong presented more than 20 keyproducts of itsvariousbrands, including high-performance car tires, off-road tires, urban SUVs, truck tires, off-highway tires and other products,attractingvisitorswith different needs to come and communicate with Linglong. Among them, RIDGE CLIMBER X/T, newly launched by Linglong for the North American market,waswidely favored by refitted vehicleenthusiasts.

The RIDGE CLIMBER X/T is an all-weather light truck with a 50,000-mile warranty. Taking into account the North American market demands and usage conditions,RIDGE CLIMBER X/T is equipped with strong traction on dirt and rocky roadsandits driving comfort is ensured through enhanced quiet performance. Based on the performance of all-season tires, RIDGE CLIMBER X/T has enhanced snow driving performanceandsnowflake mountain peak mark, which comprehensively ensuresthe driving experience in various scenarios. In the real-vehicle comparison test, RIDGE CLIMBER X/T, compared with high-qualityandhot-selling products in the North American market, its unpaved road performance is 12% better than competitors, and the maneuvering performance is 8% better than competitors. The excellent product performance makes RIDGE CLIMBER X/T become a dark horse in the SEMA SHOW2023.

Focusing on users' needs, environment needs and industry needs has always been one of the core concepts of Linglong's development. In this SEMA SHOW, Linglong further deepened its understanding of different needs acrossthe world by communicating with global car owners and professionals. In the future, Linglong Tire will continue to optimize the product performance and strengthen the product system based on the company's strong R&D strength and the needs of all walks of life, so as to provide better products and services for global consumers.