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Linglong Successfully Joined GPSNR

Recently, Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd. has passed the evaluation of the executive committee of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) and successfully joined GPSNR to formulate the Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy, becoming the first GPSNR member in the tire industry in Chinese mainland. 

 GPSNR, an independent non-profit NGO, is established by the tire industry sector of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). This organization is committed to improving the social economy and environmental performance of the natural rubber supply chain, aiming at uniting the strengths of all member units to create a fair, equitable and environmentally friendly natural rubber value chain. At present, the leading automakers and tire makers are actively seeking sustainable development with the help of the GPSNR. 

 As a leading tire enterprise in Chinese tire industry, the concept of sustainable development has long been in Linglong’s DNA. With the joining of GPSNR, Linglong Tire formulates the Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy in terms of ecosystem protection, human rights protection, supply chain management, and the improvement of production efficiency, contributing to maintaining the sustainable development of global natural rubber, promoting the optimization of the industry chain, adhering to the humanistic spirit and low-carbon concept through promoting sustainable development by all channels. 

Natural rubber is the key raw material for tire industry. With the development of transportation in the future, the global tire demand is on the rise, and the demand for natural rubber remains high. The resulting shortage of resources and other issues continue to attract public attention. Based on this situation, realizing the sustainable development of natural rubber is a crucial issue. 

 While maintaining the original natural rubber industry chain in the process of its development, Linglong also actively explores the field of dandelion rubber with its excellent R&D strength. In the future, Linglong Tire will strictly abide by the purpose of GPSNR, actively participate in various activities of GPSNR, continue to practice the Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy, promote the cooperation of stakeholders, work together to build a sustainable natural rubber supply chain, and promote industrial optimization through research and development, contributing to the sustainable development of global natural rubber and global ecological environment protection.