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Linglong Tire Renewed Partnership with VfL Wolfsburg

        Recently, Mr.Wang Feng, Chairman & President of Linglong Tire, attended the online renewal signing ceremony with Mr. Michael Meeske, CEO of VfL Wolfsburg. Linglong Tire will remain as the Global Club of Champions/Top Partner, Official Tire Partner, and Official Jersey Sleeve Partner. Besides, Linglong also becomes the Official Team Partner Climate of VfL Wolfsburg and the Wolfsburg United project.

At the signing ceremony, Mr.Michael Meeske, expressed his sincere gratitude to Linglong for its support and cooperation over the years, he said: “We are grateful to Linglong Tire for its continuous support to VfL Wolfsburg during the past eight years. The club is obliged and willing to bring more surprises to Linglong in the process of our continued cooperation in the following three years.”

Mr. Wang Feng also expressed his gratitude to all the guests who participated in this online ceremony. He said:“Linglong Tire and VfL Wolfsburg have been actively exploring and making breakthroughs since they started cooperation in 2014, which has been deepening continuously. We are very pleased that the club and Linglong can continue maintaining a close relationship and exploring cooperation opportunities not only in business, sports, and youth careers, but also in areas closely related to sustainable human development and climate protection.”

Mr. Wang also mentioned that VfL Wolfsburg is the Official Partner of Race to Zero by the United Nations. As the Race to Zero Partner of VfL Wolfsburg, Linglong will work with the club to contribute more to “Race to Zero”.

Linglong has been actively exploring in sustainable development. It performs well in green and low-carbon development through starting from the production stage. In addition to building a whole green tire life cycle system through emphasis on raw material procurement, production control, and supply chain analysis, the company also uses environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency and intelligent equipment to promote green development with product research and development, and to help build a global tire green ecosystem.

As an international enterprise, Linglong Tire also actively participates in public welfare activities.The company has made continuous contributions in the fields of youth development, environment protection, disaster relief, and pandemic prevention and control. In Thailand, Linglong has jointly carried out more than 100 public events with schools and communities in the aspects of elder care, welfare, education, sports, culture, donations, etc., which have been highly appreciated and praised by Thai organizations and local people. Through its Serbian factory, Linglong actively launches public welfare events in its local community, including sponsoring Serbian Football Premier League, using its sponsorship rights on promoting local children’s sports activities,hosting the “China-EU Elite Chess Competition”to promote the exchange of intellectual sports, and providing a variety of scholarships and internship opportunities for local students.

In the future, Linglong Tire hopes to continue promoting the spirit of sports together with VfL Wolfsburg. The two parties will carry out more meaningful cooperation on the basis of shared concept of creating an ecological environment and make more joint efforts to achieve the Race to Zero.